loves: tea (boba or earl grey), chase atlantic, clean rooms, anime, manga, fresh air, violins, going out, rock, metal, electric guitars, drawing, ramen.

hates: bugs, screaming, misogynism, toxic/two faced people, messy and cramped places.

before you follow this is my priv acc, you can text me on my main if you wanna be friends ig? @alucxrdzz

don't follow if if i don't know you, your a weird ass nsfw acc, drama maker, toxic, anti all my faves, etc.

videogames league of legends, genshin impact, osu!, valorant, yakuza, tears of themis, project: seikai, honkai impact, identity v, punishing grey raven

animes jjba, black butler, demon slayer, aot, hellsing, death note, kakegurui, saiki k, vampire hunter d, a silent voice, the way of the house husband, devil may cry, spirited away, howls moving, totoro, kiki's dilivery, pacific rim: the black, bubble etc ++


(league) kayn, viego, akali (valorant) chamber, viper, skye, fade, reyna, sova (genshin) dainsleif, ayato, al haitham ++


vlad (alucard), joseph joestar, undertaker, ayato, kayn, viktor, miche, rohan kishibe, tatsu, ciel, zhongli, akali.
besties: jay, angel, mini, arrow, flux, kody, clara, yabi, maddie
note this account is mutals only. i will not accept any follow reqs.